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Graphic Design


Order Form:

Press Kit: We will Need ALL of your information, Your name, hometown, where your started, your ambitions, Places you have played, write your own Bio, and we will boost it up. Basically we need any info we can get on you and pictures you have of yourself. The more the better. Press Kits will be 3 pages. 





Over all Idea ______________________________________



Front and Back___________________________________


Sound Cloud:

Artist Name on Web____________________________________________

Send us your music through email____________________________________________

Your email____________________________________________

Facebook Links/Twitter etc______________________________________________

Track Covers:

Name of Track____________________________________________



Artist name display on track cover____________________________________________


Album Covers (Front and Back):

Album name____________________________________________

Artist Name displayed on Cover____________________________________________



Track Listings with artist____________________________________________


Event Flyers or band posters:






Logos_______ (quantity) $30

Graphics______(quantity) $50

Sound Cloud Accounts_______(quantity) $25 each

Track Covers________(quantity) $25 each

Album Covers_________(quantity) $25 each Side

Event Flyers or Posters_______(quantity) $50-100

Need Professional Management?

Please Email us at [email protected] with a press kit.

If you do not have a press kit email us and we will get you started.


Xodus Booking and Entertainment Services:

All services are Industry Standard. 

To view Flyers, Logos, and Graphics Please View My personal Facebook page www.facebook.com/codie.alsop  For examples of Press Kits and FB “likes” Please submit a request. 

Press Kits: $30 (single artist) $50 (Groups)

Press Kits include Bio’s, Graphics, Links to all online Media, Images to all Albums, Tracks, and Collaborations. Contracts for Booking, Videos, History Of events preformed, and any other info you may chose to add. 

Logo: $20

All logos will be Flyer and Internet ready.

Graphics $40 

Flyer Design, Group Graphics for Online media, Posters, and More.

Facebook “Like” numbers $150 Dollars

We do not spam, we share your FB band or company page and get your likes up to 1000 or more, Prices vary given how many likes you want. 

Sound Cloud Accounts: $25 

We can set up your account and HAVE YOU FOLLOWED by record Labels within your genre. After Set up maintaining will be your responsibility.

Track Covers: $25

Have a graphic design done for every one of your track.  

Album Covers $35 (front and Back)

Have graphic Design done for your new album. 

Flyer orders for event. Price vary depending on order, We ship right to your door. 

If you are interested in making an order Please email us back or give us a phone call. We will send you an order request form. All services will be sent with Bleed until payment is made via Pay Pal or Money order. After Payment is received we will Send Services without a Bleed and they will be ready for Use. 

Xodus Booking & Entertainment

Codie J Alsop 505-319-4229

[email protected]  


Our Services

We host our own events in the EDM genre in different locations throughout our regions. Be on the lookout for Xodus events coming soon. 

We provide theme events for any venue indoor or out, commercial on non, private function or public. We cater to fund raisers, Non-for-profit functions or Sub-contract professional management for live event productions.

We also Provide artist for any occasion. Contact us with your event and we will use our services to Provide you with the artist of your choice or if you do not have an artist in mind we will provide you with one that fits your event.

Xodus Booking and Entertainment Staff

CEO:  Codie J Alsop

Jr CEO: Brendan Atkinson

Administrative Assistant: Cody Hathaway

Executive Assistant: Steven Smith

Head of Promotions: T.J. Marrujo

CFO: Codie J Alsop

Public relations:   Louis Tolido 

State and Nation Relations Staff: Brendan Atkinson

Marketing: Codie Alsop, Steven Smith 

Owner and Founder of Xodus Booking & Entertainment

Codie J Alsop - 505-319-4229

 [email protected]

10200 Central Ave Sw #27  Albuquerque NM 87121

Co-Owner: Brendan Atkinson

[email protected]

Booking Agent South West Region: Codie Alsop

Booking Agent East Coast Region: Brenden Atkinson

State and Nation Relations:  Codie Alsop

Graphic Designer: Codie Alsop

Graphic Designer: Austen Henry

Head of Marketing: Codie Alsop