Xodus Booking & Entertainment 

Everything you need or Want to know about      Xodus Artist and Events

Bookings and Servises

We have a large group of artist with contracts to our companies and a large group of booking agents providing services for headlining artist from anywhere in the world. All of our artist are available to the public for any event, Just contact us through our website or emailing address.

We also take on new artist. Please contact us with a press kit including an Artist Bio, Links to your Music, Photos, Contact Info, and any other info you might send. 

We provide EDM style services for any type of event, Concert Venues, Fund Raisers, Music Fests, Camping events, Bookings for Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorettes Parties, Skate Parks, and more.

A Little Xodus History

Our company is a merger of 3 companies, Sonorous Entertainment, Perverse Vibrationz Productions and Design, and Zero Productions. All 3 companies got their start in Atlanta GA in the Mid and Lat 90's. All leaders of the companies were friends in the EDM scene and as they all evolved into the music and production industries they drifeted to different parts of the country. After a long departure in their own fields they migrated back together with one basic Idea... "Lets do everything we already do apart... Together" and then It Began.

Sonorous Entertainment is out of Tennessee hosting EDM events for all ages in the area. Specializing in the Drum and Bass and Break beats genre, this company provided services for young adults with a new found love for EDM music since the early 2000's. Working with Skate Parks, Smoke Shops and the general Public this company proves to bring alot to the table when it comes to having almost 10 years experiance in Public Relations and Promotion. 

Perverse Vibrationz Productions and Design Company is out of Albuquerque NM. This Company has been throwing Concerts from Hookah lounges to Convention Centers for almost 6 years. Specializing in the House and Dubstep genres this company provides concerts for young and old EDM fans. Having multipil record label support this company brings artists from all over the World to where ever there might be a call. Using Professional Sound and Lights, Main stage props, and Some of the Hottest new EDM DJs in their Prime, This company Proves to be an Amazing Asset in Booking and Production.

Zero Productions is out of West GA and specializes in the Bar crowed, Collage Students, and Catering to Smaller Non-commercial Bookings. Hosting EDM style Weddings, Bacholer Parties, Bacholerette Parties, "Rave" like enviroments for any occasion, this company brings alot to the table in the form of Networking, Social promotions, and bookings. Specializing in Trance, Drum and Bass, and House music Zero Productions is going to Slam Their part of Xodus working together.